Scarlett is an independent filmmaker who just moved to Brooklyn, New York, and is looking for new and exciting opportunities within film.

Scarlett has interned at PBS in Vermont, USA and The Red Carpet Academy in London, UK.
She has worked for two editing companies, worked on almost 20 student films, and has traveled to 23 countries around the world.

While completing her undergraduate degree at Champlain College, she has studied film in Vermont USA, Montreal CAN, Dublin IRE, and London UK. 


Currently Scarlett is a editing her new documentary film, unABEJAlievable.

She recently moved to Brooklyn, New York, after completing filming on her new documentary. The film follows a group of college students who travel with researchers to Peru, to assist in working with local indigenous community members in creating a more sustainable beekeeping effort. 


Scarlett's plans for the future are to travel the world and work as a producer for a company she believes in. She hopes to one day work in the industry assisting producers and filmmakers.
She offers great organization and communication skills as she is a hard worker who is constantly striving for the best work possible. 

She has a positive and creative outlook on life and offers dedication and passion. She has a a special talent for editing, producing, and learning things quickly, all of which she has expanded on during her time at Champlain, All Breed Rescue, Vermont PBS, Red Carpet Academy, and Sniff and Barkens.

She will continue to support animal rights and find new and unique stories to inspire her viewers. 
Planning & Organization
Time Management